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General requirements

If you think you can do it, we’ll show you how!

When we are looking for an intern, we want to meet passionate students willing to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical ground, who are open to learn and develop their abilities.

We will contact you if:

You are an active student: If you are either a Bachelor or a Master’s student, you can apply for our Internship programs while you are still studying.  

You speak fluent English: Bombardier’s Transportation official language is English, that’s why we are always looking for people who want to improve their language skills communicating with colleague’s worldwide.

You have relevant studies or/and have experience in the required field: Each internship program is designed to cover a specific position and we will search for students that will best benefit from this experience.

You have excellent interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills: It’s easy to assume that having this abilities is a first step to a successful career in a multinational environment. Being proactive will gain you a lot of credits, but most of all, will help you reach your objectives.

You are really passionate of the railway industry: At Bombardier you will find all the support you need to make mobility more efficient and sustainable. We believe that our ideas move the world, providing modern, eco-friendly and fast ways of transportation.

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