What if there are no openings that interest me?

You can submit your resumé to be registered in our Careers database and receive automatic email notices of job openings that match your skills. We also invite you to examine career opportunities in our business groups.

Will I receive notification of where my application is in the selection process?

An acknowledgment letter is sent when you apply. Generally, you will be contacted by phone if your candidacy for a position has been retained. You will receive an email if your candidacy has not been retained. See Our Hiring Process for more information.

I saved the wrong version of my resumé in your system. Can I delete it?

Yes, simply follow the instructions when accessing your profile.

Why can’t I find the position I applied for in the job list?

The position may have filled, or may be no longer part of our current requirements.

You may also want to ensure that you are checking the right Bombardier business unit. For example, you may be browsing the current Aviation opportunities, whereas you may have applied for a position within the Transportation group.

Do you accept resumés without going through the website?

No, all applications must be made online. The online process allows us to track your resumé and ensure it is in our workflow so that it can circulate easily within the organization.

I would like to refer a candidate; how can I send you their resumé?

All applications must be made online. Once the candidate has registered their profile, they may indicate that you referred them for the position.

Are all Bombardier Aviation positions posted online?

It is our practice to post all Bombardier Aviation positions, with a few rare exceptions. These exceptions could include occasions where we use talent agencies to recruit certain executive positions.

Can you tell me which recruiter is assigned to a posting?

No, we keep this information confidential to ensure the integrity of the hiring process. Rest assured that you will be contacted directly by someone in the Human Resources team should your candidacy be retained. 

I forgot my password. Who do I contact?

Please use the Feedback and Enquiries form and indicate that you have forgotten your user name or password.

Who do I speak to if I am having difficulty in completing my application?

If you are unable to resolve your issue using the online Help, please use the Feedback and Enquiries form and indicate that you having difficulty completing your application.

How can I apply for a production or hourly position?

The process is exactly the same for all positions: you can explore current career opportunities at Bombardier Aviation and apply for a specific position that interests you, or you can submit your resume in our system and be kept informed of new job openings.

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