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RCS Graduate Program

The benefits

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There are some elements which all RCS Graduates share and some which are decided individually to foster the best possible development throughout the 18-month program and support your integration into RCS. 


The three rotations, two at your home site and one at another site, will be planned individually for each RCS Graduate taking into consideration:

  • Your potential future role
  • Previous experience and academic education
  • The opportunities available based on the business need

Please check out our testimonial section for examples.

Each RCS Graduate embarks on their development program with individually planned rotations.

Development Modules

There are four global Development Modules which support the journey of the RCS Graduate throughout the program.

The four modules take place at an RCS site and are an opportunity to learn and meet up with the previous generation of RCS Graduates, creating a basis for close networking with other Graduates, managers and senior key talent groups.

In addition to the global development modules, each RCS Graduate agrees with their manager on their individually planned development activities and six-month performance objectives.


One main differentiator of the RCS Graduate Program, compared to direct entry positions, is the helicopter overview you gain of the business as well as the excellent networking opportunities across RCS. This enables RCS Graduates to drive their learning curve across RCS business faster than others.

The networking starts from day one and includes:

  • Your line managers (in your home and host locations)
  • A mentor during the program and beyond
  • Multiple connections with former generations of RCS Graduates worldwide
  • Working with different teams on assignments and projects

 The RCS Graduate Program features a built-in networking component, which makes a real difference for your future development in our company.

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