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Sandra Fomekong

Current position: Technical Project Manager

Country of origin: France

Country based in: Sweden


  • Rotation 1 – Systems and Project Engineer
  • Rotation 2 – Onboard Engineer
  • Rotation 3 – Project Manager


  • 2014

Sandra can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I studied Electrical Engineering at the French school SUPELEC and, during my first internship, I had the opportunity to work in a maintenance plant of the Parisian Transport Authority. Although, I joined this school with the ambition to work in airplane motorization, this internship made me discover the train industry and the complexity of all the embedded systems which help in operating trains. After my graduation, I was looking for an international experience and BT happened to offer the perfect combination: trains from A to Z and a very international environment.

You completed the program in March 2016, what are you doing now?
I am currently an assisting technical project manager working on the development of our latest Onboard platform equipment and program coordinator for the Tools Department within Research and Development in RCS.

During my three rotations, I worked with the optimisation of engineering processes as a PMO for the R&D department in Bangkok. I really had the opportunity to have a technical and management view of our products development. Now, as a Project Manager in R&D, I am very glad that I can understand all the difficulties encountered by the engineering teams and the demands of our management team.

What has been your best experience in the program?
The development modules that we had were by far the best parts of the program. It was always a fun occasion to meet again with the other graduates and learn a lot about the business and ourselves.

What surprised you most when you joined RCS?
The diversity of the teams and the accessibility of the managers.

What do you like about working for RCS?
RCS is a growing business in need of people who are willing to make things move. Therefore, you are quickly given a lot of responsibilities if you are ready to accept the challenge.

Your advice for future candidates?
The RCS Graduate Program is a great adventure to develop oneself for both personal and professional aspects. Do not hesitate and join this amazing experience.

What are you most proud of during the RCS Graduate Program?
I was really proud to be the only woman in a batch of ten wonderful talents who managed to go through the incredibly selective process to join this program.

Thank you Sandra

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