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David Cognee

Current position
Project Manager

Country of origin: France

Country based in: Sweden


  • Rotation 1 – Project Manager
  • Rotation 2 – Bid Manager
  • Rotation 3 – Sales Manager


  • 2014

David can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I graduated in Electrical Engineering and in Management & Business in France. BT is my first job (excluding internships). After my studies, I did not really know which job to look for, I only wanted it to be challenging with an international dimension. I definitely found this in the RCS Graduate Program. After my three rotations (in Project Management, Bids and Sales), I have a clear understanding of a project’s life cycle.  This drove my willingness to be Project Manager.

I chose BT because it offers great opportunities to develop yourself, and managers are willing to empower and support young talent.

You completed the program in March 2016, what are you doing now?
I am now employed at BT RCS in Stockholm as Project Manager. I support the bid team for the project management part and I also lead a product introduction. My rotations helped me to have an understanding the different drivers of the functions I work with today (project, bid and sales), which makes communication and execution of tasks more efficient on a day to day basis. It gives also the possibility to develop synergies between the different persons and tasks.  

What surprised you most when you joined RCS?
When I joined BT RCS in Stockholm, I was expecting to find an office with a large majority of Swedish persons. In fact, I discovered a company in which employees comes from all around the world. I was really impressed by the variety of nationality, cultures and persons. 

Why did you choose to join the RCS Graduate Program?
I wanted to start my professional life with an international challenge in the transport industry, and RCS Graduate Program is exactly this: a challenging job which brings you worldwide, while building facilities and new transportation’s experiences to the people around the globe. 

What was your best experience in the program?
My best experience in the program was my experience in South Africa, where I had to lead the project and meet the customer and subcontractor. It was really rewarding and a big challenge.

What do you like about working for BT?
The company rewards people who are proactive and does not hesitate to empower young talent. BT is also really keen on listening about new proposition, ideas and suggestions in order to improve both customer, employees’ satisfaction and our products and solutions.

Your advice for future candidates?
You should jump on the RCS Graduate Program train, is a really great one, with an express connection to the “fast career kick off” station  

What are you most proud of during the RCS Graduate Program?
I have been able to take responsibility and adapt to a high variety of situation in different international environments and functions.

Thank you David

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