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Arvind Muthukrishan

Current position
Project Manager

Country of origin: India

Country based in: Sweden


  • Rotation 1 – Hardware Developer
  • Rotation 2 – Project Manager
  • Rotation 3 – Project Engineer


  • 2015

Arvind can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am an Electrical Engineer from India. I did my Bachelor’s degree in India at from Anna University. I worked for three years in India designing power electronics equipment before I realized that I needed to learn more and broaden my views. So, I came to Stockholm, Sweden for my Master’s degree at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. After my Master’s, I wanted to be part of a company which had global presence and an international work culture. Also, I wanted to have an opportunity to be surrounded by highly skilled and passionate individuals from all around the world. I am happy to say that, I found all I wanted in BT.

Why did you choose to join the RCS Graduate Program?
I chose the RCS Graduate Program as I believed it would be a perfect way to adapt or mold myself into the international work culture and also of course as it provides three different job rotations.

What has been your best experience in the program?
Testing Bombardier’s latest ERTMS Level 2 solution against other manufacturers to check the inter-operability. 

What surprised you most when you joined RCS?
The amount of importance given to safety. There is no exception for safety and I was genuinely surprised to see how much it was followed thought the company.

What do you like about working for RCS?
Good work-life balance, independence and freedom to choose work timings are few of the many things I like about working for RCS.

Your advice for future candidates?
In my opinion, the RCS Graduate Program is a perfect way to start and settle into a great international career, especially for graduates directly out of university.

What are you most proud of during the RCS Graduate Program?
I believe that I am learning and understanding how to communicate effectively with people from different parts of the world. 

Thank you Arvind

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