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RCS Graduate Program

Selection & timeline

Selection process for the RCS Graduate Program

Finding your first real position after university takes time and is the first important step in guiding and building your career. We acknowledge the value and time you put into your application, so we put a lot of effort in having a selection process that is objective and as fair as possible, while at the same time, helping us identify the right place for our RCS graduates.

Here are the typical steps from the time you apply until you receive an offer:

It all starts with your online application. We encourage you to upload an updated CV, a cover letter and your grades. It is also important that you take your time and answer our questions online as accurately as possible. Then the recruitment process begins. This means reviewing your information and matching your profile to roles within the program.

Selected candidates will then complete an online exercise that will test your abilities, potential and skills. If you successfully pass these tests you will be invited to a phone interview with our recruiter. As a final step, you will be invited to attend an assessment centre in person, where we will be able to observe your behaviours and competencies and where you will, already have the opportunity to meet some of our leaders and your potential future colleagues. Once we have finalized this exercise, a decision will be made, taking into consideration all your results, and the selected candidates will receive a final offer. 

Please note that for business reasons the date can be changed and you will be informed accordingly. The invitations for the assessment centres are sent one to two weeks prior to the event and contain all relevant details. 

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