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RCS Graduate Program


Frequently Asked Questions
RCS Graduate Program

1. What are the main locations where I could be based during the program (apart from specific projects or a workshop abroad)?
RCS operates globally and when you start the program you will be based at your hiring site for the first 12 months. After this you may have the opportunity to be based at another location for six months.

2. I would like to know where the training will take place.
The development modules take place at RCS sites, there is no standard location where they take place.

3. I am not an Engineer and have a business degree. Can I apply?
Yes, we have a variety of roles that we can offer and those with business degrees and backgrounds are required in Rail Control Solutions.

4. What happens after the program is finished?
The RCS Graduate Program is designed to develop and enable you to grow quickly into your roles, and contribute to our business’ future.

The rotations and development activities are defined individually to enable you to grow into your destination role upon completion of the program. It is expected that you return to the initial hiring department and site on completion of the program.

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